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Child Paternity Test - Genetic DNA Paternity KitsChild Paternity Test and IDENTIGENE DNA Paternity Test Collection Kit for confidential, private at home testing. This article discusses what paternity testing is, the types of ways one can be tested as well as the importance of selecting your kit from accredited labs.
Additionally, we have added Three child paternity test videos below.

  • Video One: shows how a Buccal test is administered
  • Video Two: is a Child Paternity Test Video: Understand the DNA Test Results
  • Video Three: The third video discusses non invasive DNA paternity testing with Dr. Michael Baird


There are times when there happen to be questions about who the father of a child may be. This could be due to all sorts of reasons or circumstances. Perhaps, the mother ended one relationship, and started another in close succession. Whatever the reason that a child’s paternity is called into question, there are solutions that can help you find out who the child’s father really is.

Establishing Who the Father Is With A Paternity Test At Home

A child paternity test can actually be ordered via the Internet and conducted in the privacy of your own home. However, make sure that you only use a service that processes the DNA collection samples in a lab that is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks, as well as the College of American Pathologists Proficiency Testing -CAPPT – as a Parentage Testing Lab.

A top level lab coupled with kind understanding, respect for privacy, strict procedural rules and both credentials is the best place to buy a DNA paternity test.

Types of Paternity Test Procedures: Buccal and Blood

If your reasons for establishing paternity are simply for curiosity, and there is no reason that you would ever need to submit the results of the test to a court of law, then you likely will choose to order child paternity test that is not admissible in court.

This test can be completed by a buccal test or a blood test.

Child Paternity Testing can be done at home- easily

Buccal DNA test method is easy and painless

The buccal test is the least invasive test. You take the provided swabs, that resemble large Q-Tips, and swab the inside of the proposed father’s, as well as the child’s cheek to collect cells. You will need to collect two samples for each testing subject.

If you choose the blood child paternity test, you will need to prick the finger of each subject with a small lancet to collect a drop of blood to be put on a collection card. This is a more invasive form of testing, and it is recommended that children under 8 be under the supervision of a doctor if this method is used. However, this is a method that is able to be done quite quickly.

Home DNA And Legal Types Of Child Paternity Test Scenarios

If you are wanting to do a child paternity test that will be admissible in court, then you can order a kit that will court admissible. Sometimes, these are referred to as “legal”. However, you will need to have a witness that is willing to oversee the sample collection and handling. You will also need to provide proof of identity of all testing subjects.

Remember: It is important to follow all of the required procedures and submit of the required documentation in order to have results that will be court admissible. The collection options are the same as explained above: buccal or blood.

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Child Paternity Test Video – How It Works

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