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The Divorce Process & Child Support

The challenge of child support will be an important part of each and every divorce proceeding that involves dependent children, and this is naturally a payment that is made from the non-custodial mother or father of the child or children to the mother or father that has primary custody. It is essential to underscore the point that such a payment is supposed to look after the well being of the children, and there tend to be those who lose sight of that, experiencing a certain amount of animosity at the idea of having to make a monthly payment to a previous husband or wife. It’s really a simple reality of life that children have got financial requirements, and child support is supposed to be sure that these needs are satisfied.


Via Title 23 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, the state uses what is known as the Income Shares Model to determine the amount of child support which is to be paid. This particular model operates from the understanding that both of the parents are actually responsible for providing for the children financially, and that obligation will be shared equally. The other foundational principle that sits at the heart of the Income Shares Model is that a particular percentage of each parent’s salary will have been dedicated to preserving the standard of living of the children if the family unit stayed intact. So, this exact percentage has to be allocated toward the quality of life of the children if the couple get divorced.


Though the Income Shares Model does make a call for identical accountability for each parent, the exact amount that must be contributed is dependant on the individual income of each individual as a percentage of the whole. For example, suppose a couple has 2 children and the state recommendations require a total of $900 each month to care for the needs of those children. For the purposes of our illustration, the mother has custody; she brings in $4,000 every month, and the father earns $3,000 per month. The mother is going to be making 57% of the total income of $7,000, therefore, the father would be asked to pay 43% of the $900 which the state guidelines mandate for child support (in this theoretical instance that would be $387).


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  1. Children support, which is a payment that is made from the non-custodial mother or father of the child or children to the mother or father that has primary custody, is certainly an important part of the divorce process. And it is better to make a clear agreement on the children support so that it will not cause further problems. Thank the author for introducing us a goog divorce lawyer in the end.

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